Give Them Even More Reasons to Shop with a Customer Loyalty Program

Not only does R2S's private label credit program give you the opportunity to offer customers flexible payment options for their purchases at your store, you can also offer specially tailored rewards programs for your business through the R2S Loyalty Program.

Each time a customer visits and purchases something from your store, they can earn valuable rewards points. When they receive enough points to redeem something, they will return to redeem the reward, and begin accruing even more points.

Rewards programs are quite common to larger companies and help create a loyal following of regular customers who take rewards points and spend them at the particular store or other business.

With R2S, smaller retailers can still offer robust loyalty programs

Our system allows you to create a variety of loyalty programs for your customers. You can offer bonus points for specific time periods, certain merchandise, in-store events, holidays and even customers' birthdays.

Like everything else we do at R2S, we stay behind the scenes of the loyalty program. As far as the customer knows, they're dealing directly with you not only when charging items on their store credit, but when building and redeeming rewards points as well.

Easily collect customer data in our fully integrated, real-time online system

Fully integrated into the R2S System, the R2S Loyalty Program allows you to customize the parameters of your loyalty program to suit your unique business – easily determine how points are rewarded and redeemed when setting up your R2S account.

R2S's Loyalty Program runs independently once you set it up. When customers qualify for a reward, they receive a card created by us that's personalized with your company's logo, your customer's name and the details of the reward. We mail these cards out as part of your participation in the program, and you only need to take advantage of the powerful promotion options available and enjoy the increased revenue.

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