Your guide to R2S's Private Label Credit and Retail Charge Account Services


Retail Credit Cards for Merchants of Every Size
In the highly competitive retail industry, building customer loyalty is the best way to maximize your profits and encourage continued growth.

Customer Loyalty Program
Not only does R2S's private label credit program give you the opportunity to offer customers flexible payment options for their purchases at your store, you can also offer specially tailored rewards programs for your business through the R2S Loyalty Program.

The R2S System
More sales, increased customer loyalty and better customer service are just a few benefits of offering retail charge accounts through the R2S System.

Why R2S?

About R2S
Pioneers in private label credit and 3rd party billing

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Make the most of your private label credit and accounts receivable

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Merchant Benefits
When you partner with us, you get more than a credit program

Customer Benefits
Give your customers the best possible retail credit program

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Want to talk more about the benefits of partnering with R2S for your private label credit and accounts receivable? We're happy to answer your questions, and look forward to helping you grow your revenue.


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