The R2S System Makes Private Label Credit Work for You

More sales, increased customer loyalty and better customer service are just a few benefits of offering retail charge accounts through the R2S System.

When you offer your own complete in-house private label credit, you get those benefits and more, including increased cash flow and expanded marketing abilities. At R2S, we don't just provide retail credit accounts for our clients, we help you give your best customers the credit they deserve.

When you partner with R2S, we maintain every part of your accounts receivable program. Best of all, you can handle sales without the headaches of billing and collection, and you'll have control of your accounts, with everything you need accessible from your store.

When you offer your customers private label credit through the R2S System:

The possibilities for increasing your revenue are numerous.

Partner with us, or let us buy your accounts receivable

Additionally, R2S can purchase or finance your existing accounts receivable, freeing up your capital for other projects and eliminating the expense of managing your own program.

How it works:

We're dedicated to helping specialty merchants offer their customers the same private label credit advantages they get at larger retailers, and we're flexible enough to help you find the method that works best for your business.

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