Retail Credit Cards for Merchants of Every Size

In the highly competitive retail industry, building customer loyalty is the best way to maximize your profits and encourage continued growth.

Put your accounts receivable in our hands and offer the same private label credit services customers expect from larger merchants. Our system lets you offer branded retail credit cards that establish your credibility, not to mention encouraging larger purchases and more frequent shopping.

Best of all, with R2S Retail Solutions, you can process your sales without all of the headaches of billing and collection.

Private label credit gives small to medium merchants a competitive edge

Specialty merchants need an edge to survive in today's highly competitive retail environment. When you offer your own branded retail credit cards, your customers:

We make it easy for you to experience the benefits of private label credit, customized to your company, without your sacrificing time or capital. Direct your energy toward selling merchandise and let us handle the details.

We make it easy and efficient

If you already offer credit to your customers, we can take over your existing balance. If you have no credit plan we'll build you one, and we'll do it fast.

We're behind the scenes. Your customers see your brand, and they don't feel like they are dealing with a 3rd party.

Your success is our success. Let R2S provide you with your own customized private label credit program and we'll not only help your brand build loyal customers with retail credit cards, we'll also offer tips and advice gained from over 20 years in business serving hundreds of merchants.

Establish your brand, reward your customers, and raise your profits with R2S private label retails credit cards.

I'm ready to grow my revenue!

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